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Established in 2012 with the backing of two of the world’s most significant start-up and technology organisations, Data&Data is leading the market in the development of advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Its findings are implemented into effective solutions for the luxury industry, a sector that requires nuanced and experienced understanding for sustainable growth and development.

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The terminology of secondary market in luxury goods industry refers to the sale and purchase of previously used premium and luxury items. The luxury resale universe has always existed for more than a century and was originally born out of ‘increasing consciousness towards more stylish dressing’ and ‘inability to purchase a new luxury product’. However, over the last two decades the stigma associated with purchasing pre-owned goods has diminished and instead been tremendously favoured. …

Data&Data completes one year with Microsoft AI Factory yet many more to go. Photo: STATION F

In June 2017, Station F, the world’s largest startup incubator, opened its doors to emerging startups from across the globe and along came the tech giant Microsoft. Launched to foregather startups around Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft AI Factoryhas been designed to create a supportive ecosystem for these startups to grow that contribute to the development of AI technologies in order to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations.

Our adventure began later in 2018 when Data&Data joined forces with Microsoft for Startups Europe, and in early 2019, got selected amongst other pioneer startups to be a part of the Microsoft AI Factory

Zouheir Guedri featured in the list of The 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders of the Yearby Analytics Insight Magazine in its February issue

Data&Data is a startup that builds artificial intelligence solutions for the luxury fashion and cosmetics industry. The company provides bespoke solutions to high-end designers for gaining insights and acquiring intelligence about their products sold online in the global market. It gives access to recent dynamics and trends of the market which had not yet been explored fully by the brands. This helps leading luxury players to supplement strong data-driven decisions by shaping their pricing, distribution and marketing strategies, while gaining a competitive advantage by doing so. Data&Data is part of the Microsoft AI Factory at Station F (the largest startup…

How luxury brands can disrupt the grey market?

Taking advantage of this price difference and the rising desire in the emerging markets, the basic B2C channel got distorted to a B2C2C channel.


Even though the phrase ‘black market’ brings a clear picture of some dealings that are unauthorized and prohibited by law, there is a thin but prominent line between black and grey. So let’s clear the confusion…

Grey market deals with ‘legal’ commodities, sold through ‘legal’ channels of distribution, only that it is not authorized or known by the original manufacturer. In other words, it’s not illegal but still unofficial! …


In a world of changing economies, it is hard to determine where the next challenge will arise. And in some cases, that is a risk hard to understand.

In recent years, most of the fashion industry has been primarily focused on the challenge of online counterfeit, and as it continues to grow the fight for blocking its adoption by the mainstream public is essential. And yet, as one challenge expands, another begins to take flight.

Digital has created a number of canals to build or reinvent business strategies, but it has also opened the door to subsidiary markets that can…

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Heading full-steam into 2017, we are often reminded of how important data plays a role in our everyday lives. Whether we are out in our car adhering to the directions on our smart phones, reading recent (true or false data) posts on our favorite social site, or even online shopping, data has become an integral part of our existence. If we are to look at just social media globally, connected people are consuming almost 2 hours a day online, as reported by Statista.

Today, the public is consuming an enormous amount of data, and we are not even sure that…

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The e-commerce market continues to grow with estimates around 12.3% over the next 5 years according to Forrester. As consumers continue to head online to buy their most valued products, we can only assume that there is a potential for the same increase in gray market and counterfeit sales. The impact that unauthorized sales of consumer products can be severe to the stability of authorized sellers and the product creators.

The gray market is defined by a verified product that is bought and resold to consumers for reduced or above market prices by unauthorized vendors. These sales disrupt pricing, and…


Tech trailblazers applying artificial intelligence to help luxury brands to gain deep insights about their products on the global online market.

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